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Hei▀luft (HotAir) Durchlauftrockner CMP Forni
Hei▀luft (HotAir) Durchlauftrockner CMP Forni
16 000.00 €
HML Presse, Typ LP 2000-VK
HML Presse, Typ LP 2000-VK
12 000.00 €
Welcome to PCB-MB,

we are a trading platform outright the printed circuit boards manufacture.

PCB-MB is a trustful and a fair partner in things which are list below:

1. machines & plants

2. spare parts

3. basis material to produce printed circuit boards

4. consumeables like drill- / cuttingpads, driller, cutter and helping materials as well


We ever have more than 1500 different items of stock.

Additionally you get a knowledgeable consulting from more than 2 decades of experience.




You also can visit our website


this platform deals only with the production of printed circuit boards.

If you are interested in, please visit our website.